The Main Mental Health Issue in This Country Is in the Republican Party Michael Tomasky, New Republic

Less Than 5% of Violent Acts Are Linked to Mental Illness, Research Shows Julie Wernau, Wall Street Journal

The Staggering Hypocrisy of Officials Who Are Blaming Mental Illness for Mass Shootings Benjamin F. Miller, Slate

Grim body count unlikely to be enough for Republicans to act on gun reform David Smith, The Guardian

Should We Be Forced to See Exactly What an AR-15 Does to a 10-Year-Old? Susie Linfield, New York Times

Biden calls for Congress to ban assault weapons, high-capacity magazines John Wagner and Eugene Scott, Washington Post

Minutes After Biden’s Gun Violence Speech, Another Shooting In America Amanda Terkel, HuffPost

Taking Cues From Texas, California Proposes Its Own Bounty Law – Against Guns Matt Ford, New Republic

Can lessons of community violence interrupters prevent mass shootings? Abené Clayton, The Guardian

We Already Turned Schools Into Fortresses Alex Yablon, New York Magazine

Pete Arredondo spent years preparing for a school shooting. Then it happened. Silvia Foster-Frau, Paulina Villegas, and Steve Thompson, Washington Post

What Uvalde and George Floyd tell us about policing and force Michael McAuliffe, Tampa Bay Times

Uvalde Shooting: A Case for Defunding the Police and Disarming Teens Olayemi Olurin, Teen Vogue

‘Reality Never Gives You the Perfect Narrative’ Kathryn VanArendonk, New York Magazine

Meet the Other Two Northern California DAs Facing Law Enforcement Blowback Piper French, Bolts Magazine

If criminal justice reform can’t survive in San Francisco, can it survive anywhere? Miriam Pawel, Los Angeles Times

San Diego Race Will Decide New Leadership for California’s Deadliest Jail System Kelly Davis, Bolts Magazine

Lawmakers Call for Probe Into Deadly Federal Prison Christie Thompson and Joseph Shapiro, The Marshall Project/NPR

Remembering NYC’s “Forgotten” Women’s Prison The Takeaway

At Laughing Bear Bakery, A Criminal Record is a Job Qualification Tara Adhikari, The Crime Report

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