The Atrocity of American Gun Culture Jelani Cobb, The New Yorker

From Sandy Hook to Uvalde, the Violent Images Never Seen Elizabeth Williamson, New York Times

Two Mothers Confront the Unimaginable in Uvalde Stephania Taladrid, The New Yorker

Narratives, and blame, shift again as dysfunction engulfs shooting probe Joshua Fechter, Reese Oxner, and Uriel J. García, Texas Tribune

Uvalde Had Prepared for School Shootings. It Did Not Stop the Rampage. Mike Baker and Dana Goldstein, New York Times

What went wrong in the police response to the Uvalde shooting? Harold Mass, The Week

I Created the FBI’s Active Shooter Program. The Officers in Uvalde Did Not Follow Their Training. Katherine Schweit, New York Times

Uvalde showed us what police are really for Will Bunch, Philadelphia Inquirer

At NRA convention after Uvalde massacre, attendees describe a culture under siege Zach Despart and Lomi Kriel, Texas Tribune/ProPublica

How the AR-15 conquered America, as revealed by an industry insider Greg Sargent, Washington Post

We ordered the same gun used in Uvalde. Here’s how easy it was. Quartz

A Timeline of Failed Attempts to Address US Gun Violence Annie Karni and Luke Broadwater, New York Times

Inside Mitch McConnell’s decades-long effort to block gun control Ashley Parker and Michael Scherer, Washington Post

The Options Congress Has for Gun Control Molly Olmstead, Slate

Why Texans Can’t Get the Gun Laws They Really Want Joshua Blank, Politico

After latest mass shooting, is the supreme court poised to expand gun rights? Oliver Laughland, The Guardian

We need more than new gun laws. We need a new Supreme Court. Dean Obeidallah, MSNBC

Supreme Court Guts Its Own Precedent to Allow Arizona to Kill Barry Jones Liliana Segura, The Intercept

Tennessee hasn’t followed its own lethal injection rules. What you need to know Melissa Brown and Josh Keefe, Nashville Tennessean

How the Newest Federal Prison Became One of the Deadliest Christie Thompson and Joseph Shapiro, The Marshall Project/NPR

In a Texas Prison, You Can Change the Name, But Not the Culture Jeremy Busby, The Crime Report

Locking People Up Is No Way to Treat Mental Illness Norm Ornstein and Steve Leifman, The Atlantic

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