The Double Terror of Being Black in America Ibram X. Kendi, The Atlantic

The Long Game of White-Power Activists Isn’t Just About Violence Kathleen Belew, New York Times

The Buffalo suspect called himself a terrorist. Here’s why the feds won’t. Ryan J. Reilly, NBC News

Biden calls out “domestic terrorism”: That’s important, but is it enough to shift the narrative? Brian Karem, Salon

Conservatives Are Defending a Sanitized Version of ‘The Great Replacement’ Adam Serwer, The Atlantic

When Online Spaces Enable Mass Shooters Kyle Chayka, The New Yorker

Online, extremists turn shooters into ‘saints.’ Experts worry others aspire to join the ranks Will Carless, USA Today

A Texas Cop’s Indictment Made Him a Right-wing Darling. Will It Get Him Elected? Ben Rowen, Texas Monthly

Ex-Minneapolis Police officer Thomas Lane pleads guilty to manslaughter in George Floyd’s death Brad Parks and Eric Levenson, CNN

Joe Biden struggles to take action on US police reform William Roberts, Al Jazeera

North Carolina Drivers Still Face “Debt Traps” Despite Some Local Reforms Roshan Abraham, Bolts Magazine

Rural white-majority geographies have a criminal justice problem, too Howard Henderson and Stephen G. Van Geem, The Hill

A Pound of Flesh Alexes Harris, Natasha Hicks, and Cortney Sanders, Inquest

After acquiring lethal injection drugs, Arizona struggles to administer them Jimmy Jenkins, Arizona Republic

Time, the Execution Process, and the Botched Lethal Injection of Clarence Dixon Austin Sarat, Verdict

Lawmakers Press DOJ on Backlog of 17,000 Clemency Petitions Jarrell Dillard, Bloomberg

Indigenous Women Make Up Nearly Half of Canada’s Incarcerated Population; New Legislation Seeks to Change That Jenna Kunze, Native News Online

What Would a Feminist Jail Look Like? Ginia Bellafante, New York Times

She Wrote ‘How to Murder Your Husband.’ Did She Do It? Mike Baker, New York Times

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