‘We Don’t Know How Many Women Are Out There Like That’ Roxanna Asgarian, New York Magazine

A Glimpse of a Potential Post-Roe Future Through Texas Women’s Stories Sophie Novack, Washington Post

Oklahoma Just Passed the Strictest Abortion Ban in the Country Carter Sherman, Vice News

Ending Roe Could Trigger Spike in Violence, Warns DHS The Crime Report

A weekend of violence punctuates generations of hate Robin Givhan, Washington Post

House passes bill targeting domestic terrorism in wake of Buffalo mass shooting Felicia Sonmez, Mariana Alfaro, and Leigh Ann Caldwell, Washington Post

Hochul Vows to Crack Down on Extremist Acts of Violence in New York Jesse McKinley, Jonah E. Bromwich, and Luis Ferré-Sadurní, New York Times

What Everyday White Americans and the Buffalo Shooter Have in Common Matthew W. Hughey, Slate

America Isn’t Ready to Truly Understand the Buffalo Shooting Esau McCaulley, The Atlantic

America’s Impenetrable Fog of Innocence Zak Cheney-Rice, New York Magazine

Status Quo Prevails in North Carolina’s Criminal Justice Elections Daniel Nichanian, Bolts Magazine

Statehouse misinformation on bail hurts justice on many levels Editorial Board, Cleveland Plain Dealer

“No Evidence” Higher Incarceration Rates Reduce Fears of Crime Rory Fleming, Filter Magazine

The People vs. Chesa Boudin Annie Lowrey, The Atlantic

Can Prosecutors Be Trusted to Correct Wrongful Convictions? Elizabeth Webster, The Crime Report

‘It’s finally over.’ San Diego DA drops 22-year-old murder case against Jane Dorotik Greg Moran, San Diego Union-Tribune

Freed from a double-life sentence, a long-imprisoned New Yorker urges Albany to find relief for others Arun Venugopal, Gothamist

Incarcerated people face barriers to reentry post prison. How one initiative aims to help Hannah Grabenstein, PBS

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