A Heedless Majority David Cole, New York Review of Books

How Christian Nationalism Perverted the Judicial System and Gutted Our Rights Katherine Stewart, New Republic

The Fight Over Abortion History Jennifer Schuessler, New York Times

Louisiana wants to make abortion a crime of murder. Supporters even say it’s unconstitutional. Greg Hilburn, Lafayette Daily Advertiser

Roe v. Wade reversal would put local prosecutors on the front lines of the abortion fight Tierney Sneed, CNN

These Texas DAs Will Refuse to Prosecute Women if Roe Is Overturned John Nichols, The Nation

Data shows a large increase in diversion under SF District Attorney Chesa Boudin. Here’s how it works Susie Neilson and Joshua Sharpe, San Francisco Chronicle

Recalling Chesa Boudin for not being ‘tough on crime’ makes no sense David Alan Sklansky, San Francisco Examiner

 The Billionaire-Funded Campaign Trying to Recall SF’s Progressive DA Chesa Boudin Piper French, In These Times

This SF tech billionaire says he backs Chesa Boudin and criminal justice reform. So why is he giving police $1 million? Heather Knight, San Francisco Chronicle

When the sheriff waged a war on drugs in a Mississippi county Jenn Abelson and Reena Flores, Washington Post

Fifty Years Ago, the Supreme Court Tried to Reduce Racial Bias in the Death Penalty. Did It Work? Austin Sarat, Slate

Execution ends Arizona 8-year hiatus with the death penalty Paul Davenport and Jacques Billeaud, AP News

Life in prison for stealing $20: how The Division is taking apart brutal criminal sentences Oliver Laughland, The Guardian

Voices from Solitary: Positive Delusions Chris Wilson, Solitary Watch

The Challenge of Life After Prison Kade Heather, The Crime Report

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