The Driver, the Officer and the Deadly Traffic Stop in Grand Rapids Kim Barker, Steve Eder, and Julie Tate, New York Times

Police union backs officer in Patrick Lyoya killing ABC News

US police have killed nearly 600 people in traffic stops since 2017, data shows Sam Levin, The Guardian

The LA Riots Were 30 Years Ago. I’m Still Trying to Understand Them. Héctor Tobar, New York Times Magazine

The Rodney King effect: 30 years after riots, how far has LA come? Francine Kiefer, Christian Science Monitor

30 Years After the Rodney King Verdict, Why Advocates Believe ‘Reforms Didn’t Go Far Enough’ Olivia B. Waxman, Time Magazine

The Price Kids Pay: Schools and Police Punish Students With Costly Tickets for Minor Misbehavior Jodi S. Cohen and Jennifer Smith Richards, ProPublica/Chicago Tribune

Teens allege abuse and neglect inside a state-run juvenile detention facility in West Tennessee Paige Pfleger, WPLN

Solitary Confinement Harms Teens. Louisiana Lawmakers Took a Step to Limit It. Beth Schwartzapfel, Erin Einhorn, and Annie Waldman, The Marshall Project

Biden to issue first pardons of his term and reduce dozens of prison sentences Gloria Oladipo, The Guardian

President, States ‘Underutilize’ Clemency Powers: Report The Crime Report

Executive inaction: States and the federal government fail to use commutations as a release mechanism Naila Awan and Katie Rose Quandt, Prison Policy Initiative

What It Means to be ‘Facing Life’ – After a Commuted Life Sentence Mina Kim, KQED

The women fighting back against the ‘never-ending story’ of rising female incarceration and lifelong stigma Josh Marcus, Independent

More People Should Get Jury Duty Kevin Frazier, American Conservative

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