Melissa Lucio’s Life Was Spared at the Last Minute. What Happens Now? Liliana Segura and Jordan Smith, The Intercept

Was Melissa Lucio interrogated and coerced into confessing something she didn’t do? Lisa Rosborough, Houston Public Media

Melissa Lucio’s Execution Was Put on Hold, But Threat of Death Penalty Remains Victoria Law, Truthout

The death chamber doctor’s dilemma: A physician in South Carolina breaks his silence Chiara Eisner, The State

South Carolina’s Planned Firing Squad Executions Raise Complicated Questions About the Future of the Death Penalty Madeleine Carlisle, Time Magazine

A Racist Juror Helped Send a Black Man to Death Row. Why Doesn’t SCOTUS Care? Mark Joseph Stern, Slate

Post-Floyd probe finds discrimination by Minneapolis police Steve Karnowski and Mohamed Ibrahim, AP News

Minneapolis Officers Found to Engage in Racist Policing Shaila Dewan, New York Times

Activists Monitor the Revival of New York’s Most Notorious Plainclothes Police Squads Tana Ganeva, Bolts Magazine

What Da Homeless Hero Makes of Eric Adams’s Policies Eric Lach, The New Yorker

A rural prosecutor pledged reform. Critics say he delivered disaster. Karin Brulliard, Washington Post

Why California Wants to Recall Its Most Progressive Prosecutors Ronald Brownstein, The Atlantic

Biden Embraces Some Harm Reduction Policies – But Doubles Down on Drug War Mike Ludwig, Truthout

Biden Begins Using Clemency To Ameliorate the Damage Done by the Draconian Drug Policies He Long Supported Jacob Sullum, Reason

After 31 Years in Prison, a Man Is Freed Over ‘Mistaken Identification’ Michael Levenson, New York Times

After decades in prison for murder, Miami man hears words of freedom: ‘Actually innocent’ David Ovalle, Miami Herald

They Called Her ‘Black Jet’ Keisha N. Blain, The Atlantic

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