Amid a Rise in Shootings, New York’s Children Confront a Wave of Grief Troy Closson, New York Times

We have a way to prevent mass shootings Mark Follman, NBC News

Community-based violence prevention works, but it needs sustained support Dorothy Johnson-Speight, Philadelphia Inquirer

Despite gun violence crisis, the Pritzker administration has been sitting on $50 million in federal anti-violence funds Patrick Smith, WBEZ

Will More Cops Make Us Safer? Scott Roberts, The Crime Report

Michigan chief IDs officer who fatally shot Patrick Lyoya John Flesher, Bernard Condon, and Ed White, AP News

Who is Christopher Schurr, the officer who shot Patrick Lyoya? Francis X. Donnelly and George Hunter, Detroit News

‘Unacceptable’: Utah police departments ignored their own policies, left deadly force uninvestigated Sam Stecklow, Salt Lake Tribune

Ex-CPD sergeant’s corruption toll: 212 convictions reversed after dozens more thrown out Friday Matthew Hendrickson, Chicago Sun-Times

False Confessions: Protecting the Vulnerable Christopher Cross, The Crime Report

Durham, NC, refuses to compensate innocent man after 24 years in prison Radley Balko, Washington Post

Biden Uses Clemency Powers for First Time to Commute, Ease Sentences of 78 Nonviolent Offenders Sadie Gurman, Wall Street Journal

Life after life in California’s prisons Brandon Tauszik and Pendarvis Harshaw, Los Angeles Times

A serial rapist roamed this small town, but residents had little clue: How a violent crime spree was kept quiet Jeff Schwaner, Staunton News Leader

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