Gun violence keeps supercharging America’s Second Amendment debate Paul LeBlanc, CNN

Why America overlooks those most hurt by gun violence: ‘Black people are seen as expendable’ Abené Clayton, The Guardian

Everyone has a theory of why crime is rising. This one doesn’t get discussed enough Erika D. Smith, Los Angeles Times

Crime upstages progressive priorities in Los Angeles mayor’s race Alexander Nieves and Lara Korte, Politico

After Years of Failure on Gun Control, Democrats Push More Police Funding Akela Lacy, The Intercept

Mayor calls for more psychiatric services after Brooklyn subway shooting Ramon Antonio Vargas, The Guardian

A glimpse inside mental health crisis response teams as Chicago creates versions without cops Chip Mitchell, WBEZ

Sentencing Reform Divides Charlotte DA Race Lauren Gill, Bolts Magazine

Prison Officials Routinely Deny Hearings to Terminally Ill New Yorkers Victoria Law, Bolts Magazine

Compassion is hard to come by in Pennsylvania’s broken prison system. Editorial Board, Philadelphia Inquirer

27 Years in Solitary Confinement The Daily (New York Times)

The High Price of ‘Justice’ Carey L. Biron, The Crime Report

Washington Ends Practice of Parents Paying for Their Child’s Incarceration Agueda Pacheco Flores, South Seattle Emerald

Incarcerated Women and High School Students Attend Class Together: ‘We’re All Americans in One Way or Another’ Juliet Schulman-Hall, Ms. Magazine

Formerly incarcerated people have become major voices for reforming a broken criminal justice system WGBH

The promise – and problem – of restorative justice Jerusalem Demsas, Vox

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