The Subway-Crime Death Spiral David A. Graham, The Atlantic

The Grim Journey of the Accused Brooklyn Subway Shooter Paige Williams, The New Yorker

New York Considers Weapon-Detecting Technology for Subway After Brooklyn Shooting James Fanelli, Wall Street Journal

How Long Until New York’s Crime Surge Dents Eric Adams’s Teflon? Chris Smith, Vanity Fair

Criminal justice reform faces buzzsaw as GOP hones its midterm message Marianne Levine, Politico

What Ketanji Brown Jackson’s hearings revealed about Republicans and criminal justice reform Li Zhou, Vox

A Transformative Justice Whose Impact May Be Limited Adam Liptak, New York Times

The Ketanji Brown Jackson Hearings May Be Only the Beginning Amy Davidson Sorkin, The New Yorker

And a Public Defender for All Sara Mayeux, Inquest

For 20 Years, This Prosecutor Had a Secret Job Working For the Judges Who’d Decide His Cases Billy Binion, Reason

Arizona’s Clemency Board Is Unfairly Stacked With Cops, Lawyers Argue in Death Row Case Katya Schwenk, Phoenix New Times

Melissa Lucio faces execution in Texas with her guilt in doubt Jolie McCullough, Texas Tribune

Incarcerated people forced to wait for trials as San Francisco backlog balloons Brian Osgood, The Guardian

Beyond the count: A deep dive into state prison populations Leah Wang, Wendy Sawyer, Tiana Herring, and Emily Widra, Prison Policy Iniative

Following More Missouri Prison Violence, Rep. Collins Seeks Reform Ryan Krull, Riverfront Times

Why Are We Still Watching Law & Order? Roxana Hadadi and Kathryn VanArendonk, New York Magazine

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