A Subway Attack That Shook New York City James Barron, New York Times

Brooklyn shooting: police search for suspect after more than 20 injured Ed Pilkington, Ramon Antonio Vargas, Adam Gabbatt, and Glorida Oladipo, The Guardian

NYC Subway system’s history as a rare target of mass violence Sophia Chang, Jaclyn Jeffrey-Wilensky, and Jen Chung, Gothamist

Can New York City Save Its Subways? Hannah E. Meyers, Wall Street Journal

Subway security cameras malfunctioned, Adams says after Brooklyn attack Greg Mocker and Aliza Chasan, PIX11

NYPD Was Powerless to Stop Brooklyn Shooting – Yet Mayor Calls for Doubling Cops in Subway Nick Pinto, The Intercept

Can the Brooklyn subway shooting help reform our shoddy politics on crime? EJ Dionne Jr., Washington Post

Dems retreat on crime and police reform Holly Otterbein and David Siders, Politico

NYPD’s Neighborhood Safety Teams are mostly making low-level arrests, data shows Sara Dorn, City & State New York

NYPD officers are supposed to be fired for lying. They aren’t. Jeff Coltin, City & State New York

Arbitrator Clears Buffalo Police Officers Who Shoved Protester Eduardo Medina, New York Times

When Civil Immunity Becomes Impunity Alexa L. Gervasi and Daryl James, Wall Street Journal

Invest in Community Services, Not Police, New Orleans Told The Crime Report

Scapegoating bail reform won’t solve the crime problem Editorial Board, Washington Post

Inside America’s mass-incarceration prison problem Paul Constant, Business Insider

The Wordman of ADOC Michael Schumacher, Alabama Appleseed

1,849 Lost Years: Exonerees in 2021 Andrea Cipriano, The Crime Report

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