Orphaned by gun violence: Two kids, two shootings, two parents gone John Woodrow Cox, Washington Post

Biden Finally Makes a Move on the Ghost Gun Scourge Grace Segers, New Republic

Amid rise of gun violence, Biden unveils ‘basic common sense’ regulations targeting ghost guns Michael Collins, USA Today

Biden Names Former Federal Prosecutor to Lead ATF Glenn Thrush and Katie Benner, New York Times

How Sacramento’s mass shooting killed the myth of ‘tough-on-crime’ prosecutors Will Bunch, Philadelphia Inquirer

Do Anti-Gun Police Teams Work? Ted Alcorn, Vital City

NYPD Rolls Out New Version of Anti-Gun Unit With Violent Past Troy Closson, New York Times

New York Democrats pare back nation-leading bail reform amid crime wave Joseph Spector and Anna Gronewold, Politico

Gov. Hochul’s Bail Plan Will Upend Years of Reform While Failing to Address Safety Carl Hamad-Lipscombe, City Limits

How Crime on Parole Drives Mass Incarceration: Study Eva Herscowitz, The Crime Report

The monster of incarceration quietly expands through ankle monitors Kate Weisburd and Alicia Virani, Los Angeles Times

Virginia’s parole system is in dire need of reform Washington Post

‘A big mistake’: Former Gov. Bill Haslam on waiting too long to address clemency requests Mariah Timms, Nashville Tennessean

Juvenile lifer seeks reprieve amid broader push for leniency Felicia Fonseca, AP News

There are thousands fewer people in Wisconsin’s prisons than before the pandemic. What happened? Chris Mueller, Appleton Post-Crescent

Interrupting Cycles of Harm, Inside and Outside Prison Walls Allen Arthur, Yes! Magazine

The Girl from Plainville: the unease of TV’s latest true crime hit Adrian Horton, The Guardian

Making Headlines Glenn Christie and David Rangaviz, Inquest

Burying a Burning Ko Bragg, The Atlantic

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