America’s frozen gun debate Sean Illing, Vox

Gun violence is America’s way of life – and death Editorial Board, Los Angeles Times

Why Are Mass Shooting Events Increasing? Kent Bausman, The Crime Report

California has toughest US gun laws. After Sacramento shooting, what else can lawmakers do? Ryan Sabalow and Dale Kasler, Sacramento Bee

Study Shows San Francisco Crime Rates Considerably Lower Compared to Sacramento, Where Tough-On-Crime Policies Failing Ankita Joshi, Davis Vanguard

CA Police Data Shows ‘Tough-on-Crime’ Counties Experience Higher Crime Andrea Cipriano, The Crime Report

The Wrong Prosecutors Are Being Recalled Lara Bazelon, Slate

Preventing gun violence takes more than police Howard Henderson and Denise Brown, Brookings

The Supreme Court’s Surprisingly Great Decision Against Lying Cops and Prosecutors Mark Joseph Stern, Slate

Supreme Court makes it easier to sue police when criminal charges are dropped Pete Williams, NBC News

WTF happened to “Defund the police”? Author Alex Vitale on Ted Cruz and his “McCarthy moment” Chauncey Devega, Salon

How Policymakers Are Twisting ‘Defund the Police’ into ‘Refund the Police’ The Takeaway

‘Refunding’ police isn’t working in California or anywhere else Adam Johnson, San Francisco Chronicle

NY bail law fight emblematic of Democrats’ debate on crime Michelle Price, Brooklyn Daily Eagle

No End in Sight Angel Argueta, Inquest

How the Drug War Dies Maia Szalavitz, The Nation

House passes marijuana legalization bill (again), but with no clear path forward Natalie Fertig, Politico

Legalized Pot Was Supposed to Help Build Black Wealth in Los Angeles. It Failed. Amanda Chicago Lewis, New Republic

Prison-to-pot farms confront legacy of war on drugs Jordan Winters, NBC News

Meet the Countess With a Hole in Her Head Zoe Cormier, The Nation

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