The Using of Ketanji Brown Jackson Charles M. Blow, New York Times

The Most Grasping Republican Attack on Ketanji Brown Jackson Alex Aronson, Slate

A Judge’s Tough Call Meets the Politics of a Supreme Court Confirmation Alan Feuer, New York Times

How having a former public defender on the Supreme Court could be ‘revolutionary’ Kenichi Serino, PBS

Despite Federal Gains, Public Defenders Largely Missing from State Supreme Courts Rachel M. Cohen, Bolts Magazine

So You Don’t Want To Defund The Police? Here’s Why You Should Fund Public Defense. Emily Galvin Almanza, HuffPost

The Stumbling Block to One of the Most Promising Police Reforms David A. Graham, The Atlantic

‘It’s a Money Grab’: Billions in COVID Relief Going to Fund Police and Prisons Brian Dolinar, The Appeal

Two Years Into Pandemic, Basic Critiques of Prison Covid Policies Remain Unaddressed Lyra Walsh Fuchs, New York Focus

COVID-Fueled Solitary Confinement Still Plagues Prisons and Jails Katie Rose Quandt and Allison Altshule, Truthout

The Disillusionment of a Rikers Island Doctor Rachael Bedard, The New Yorker

An Overhaul of Prison Health Care Is Long Overdue Victoria Law, The Nation

Arizona’s privatized prison health care has been failing for years. A New court case could change that Justin Stabley, PBS

Paroled People Can Vote in Colorado. Why Did Forms Say They Couldn’t? Ilica Mahajan, Andrew Rodriguez Calderón, Alexandra Arriaga, and Weihua Li, The Marshall Project

Mississippi: felon disenfranchisement is a racist labyrinth worthy of Kafka Sam Levine, The Guardian

Finishing Sentences Caits Meissner, Inquest

Does Gail Ritchey Belong in Prison? Ariel Ramchandani, Mother Jones

The Murderer’s Little Boy Olivia Gentile, Texas Observer

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