Nine Mass Shootings David Leonhardt, New York Times

Why are Americans Shooting Each Other? The Crime Report

Nearly half the country requires no permit to carry a concealed weapon – and it’s a growing trend Kim Bellware, Washington Post

FBI Says 2021 Crime Data Undermined by Lack of Police Reporting The Crime Report

‘Never Anything Solved’: People Who Lost Family To Police Violence Lament Stalled Reform Phillip Jackson, HuffPost

Justice Dept. to Expand Training Offered to Local Law Enforcement Katie Benner, New York Times

New Justice Dept. effort will ask local police agencies to voluntarily take on reforms David Nakamura, Washington Post

Chicago Police Department is latest to lower hiring standards amid staffing shortages Emma Tucker and Peter Nickeas, CNN

As crimes rise, battles rage on about police funding Kiara Alfonseca, ABC News

Judging a Judge on Race and Crime, GOP Plays to Base and Fringe Jonathan Weisman and Jazmine Ulloa, New York Times

12 Questions That Would Actually Tell Us Something About Ketanji Brown Jackson Politico Magazine

The real story about crime Republicans won’t tell you Jonathan Capehart, Washington Post

The Facts on Bail Reform and Crime Rates in New York State Ames Grawert and Noah Kim, Brennan Center for Justice

Don’t blame bail reform for higher crime, NYC watchdog says Michael R. Sisak, AP News

‘Criminal justice system is broken’: Mobile mayor, police chief say backlog of cases contributing to recent crime spree John Sharp,

St. Louis’s Movement-Backed Mayor Promised to Close an Infamous Jail. What’s the Hold Up? Skyler Aikerson, In These Times

Prison officials wrote a bill to release prisoners earlier. They’re applying the law in a way that doesn’t. Natalia Alamdari, Flatwater Free Press

The War on Weed Decimated My Community – Will There Be Restitution? Tavian Crosland, The Nation

‘I Still Want My Name Cleared’: Texas Black Man Seeks Exoneration After Spending 20 Years In Prison for Murder Conviction Based on Dubious Evidence Kavontae Smalls, Atlanta Black Star

Art Behind Bars: Writing Your Way to Freedom Maria DiLorenzo, The Crime Report

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