Ketanji Brown Jackson hearings begin – could Republicans sink her chances? Ed Pilkington, The Guardian

On Eve of Confirmation Hearings, GOP Steps Up Attacks on Jackson Carl Hulse, New York Times

Republicans Falsely Accuse Biden’s Supreme Court Pick Of Going Easy On Sex Offenders Jessica Schulberg, Igor Bobic, and Jennifer Bendery, HuffPost

Contextualizing Judge Jackson’s mainstream sentencing record in federal child porn cases Sentencing Law and Policy

Republicans Are Already Using Their Racist Law And Order Schtick Against Ketanji Brown Jackson Eric Lutz, Vanity Fair

Republicans Push Crackdown on Crime Wave That Doesn’t Exist: Voter Fraud Reid J. Epstein and Nick Corasaniti, New York Times

“The Goal Was to Scare People, but It Could Boomerang.” Daniel Nichanian, Bolts Magazine

Eric Adams Isn’t Off to a Great Start on Public Safety Errol Louis, New York Magazine

Adams revamps anti-gun unit as NYC grapples with deadly week Elizabeth Kim, Gothamist

NYC’s new mayor is caught between pledges over Riker’s Island and rising crime Rich Calder, Washington Post

Another Rikers Island detainee dies, second in one week, jail officials say David Cruz, Gothamist

Up Close: Uncovering violence at Rikers Island ABC7

When It Comes to Reporting Deaths of Incarcerated People, Most States Break the Law M. Forrest Behne, Craig Waleed, Meghan Peterson, and Lauren Brinkley-Rubinstein, The Appeal

Senior citizens serving federal sentences have fallen through the cracks Carrie Johnson, NPR

Under fire, Parole Board considers new process to terminate never-ending parole Sarah Betancourt, GBH

Want to Shrink the Prison Population? Look at Parole. (2019) Beth Schwartzapfel, The Marshall Project

Tackling Mass Incarceration Requires More Than Freeing Nonviolent Drug Offenders Jacob Sullum, Reason

Who’s to blame for wrongful convictions? Accountability demands more than finger-pointing. James M. Doyle, USA Today

Exonerated former inmate pushes for the ‘Challenging Wrongful Convictions Act’ Susan Arbetter, State of Politics

Incarcerated mothers work to reunite with their families in new documentary ‘Apart’ WBUR

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