Is It Illegal to Have a Transgender Child in Texas? Dan Solomon, Texas Monthly

“They’re talking about how my existence is child abuse”: Trans teen fears crackdown on gender-affirming health care Sewell Chan, Texas Tribune

I’m a Cop With a Trans Daughter. Lawmakers Want Me to Arrest the Doctors Who Saved Her Life. David Fuller with Samantha Michaels, Mother Jones

Los Angeles Democrats Embrace the Tough-on-Crime Backlash Jerry Iannelli, The Appeal

‘Chesa Boudin Derangement Syndrome’ grips SF politics Gil Duran, San Francisco Examiner

NY GOP hopes tough-on-crime platform drives voters to polls Jon Campbell, Gothamist

Despite Ethics Rules, Top Prosecutor Against Bail Reform Has Close Ties to GOP Rory Fleming, New York Focus

Parole Reform Squabble Leaves Hundreds in New York Jails Chris Gelardi, American Prospect

Arizona’s privatized prison health care has been failing for years. A new court case could change that Justin Stabley, PBS

Last chance for a life out of max: How some Utah death penalty inmates made it to medium security KSL

If Biden Is Serious About Ending the Death Penalty, He Should Start Commuting Sentences Scott Shackford, Reason

Sept. 11 Prosecutors Are in Plea Talks That Could Avert a Death-Penalty Trial Carol Rosenberg and Charlie Savage, New York Times

Too Many Locked Doors Josh Rovner, Sentencing Project

Innocence Project policy director talks exoneration of the wrongly convicted and criminal justice reform Cheryl Wills and Kaitlynn Keller, Spectrum News

‘I Still Want My Name Cleared’: Texas Black Man Seeks Exoneration After Spending 20 Years In Prison for Murder Conviction Based on Dubious Evidence Kavontae Smalls, Atlanta Black Star

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