You can find a collection of media coverage of the Kyle Rittenhouse trial here.

This season of Jury Duty explores the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse. At the end of each week, host Kary Antholis is joined by an expert in the criminal justice field to help distill and further analyze what was heard in the trial. This week our guest is Michael Cicchini. Cicchini has been routinely recognized by his peers as one of Wisconsin’s best Criminal Defense Attorneys and in 2020 received the William M. Coffey Defender Award from the Wisconsin Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers  for “significant contributions to professionalism in the criminal practice.” Michael, who has tried dozens of cases in the Kenosha courts including many before Judge Schroeder, offers us his unique insight into the participants and events of the Trial of Kyle Rittenhouse with a special focus on the events that we covered this past week.

During the course of the conversation, Michael discusses an article that he wrote examining whether police in Kenosha are using disorderly conducts laws to surveil African American “communities for signs of disorder” and “as a means of social control against people of color.”

Here’s the article that he references.

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