‘Scum of the earth’: Drug victims face Purdue Pharma owners Geoff Mulvihill and Jennifer Peltz, AP News

‘You Murdered My Daughter’: Relatives of OxyContin Victims Confront the Sacklers Jan Hoffman, New York Times

For the first time, victims of the opioid crisis formally confront the Sackler family Brian Mann, NPR

‘People don’t choose to become addicts’: the push to end Victoria’s war on drugs Benita Kolovos, The Guardian

Facing a surge in overdose deaths, DC must decriminalize drugs Shane Sullivan, Washington Post

Memo to Policymakers: Don’t Let Emotion Drive Crime Policy Emily Galvin-Almanza, The Crime Report

Boston Progressives Fear Rollback of Reforms After DA’s Early Exit Eoin Higgins, Bolts Magazine

We’ve Tried Juveniles as Adults Before. The Results Were Catastrophic. Gladys Carrión and Vincent Schiraldi, New York Times

The Failed Legacy of Being “Tough on Crime” Connor Bryan, The Yellow Jacket

The Meaning of a Stolen Diaper Jessica Winter, The New Yorker

Minneapolis leaders mishandled response to protests after George Floyd’s killing, new report finds Holly Bailey, Washington Post

What you need to know about the cost of police misconduct Keith L. Alexander, Steven Rich, and Hannah Thacker, Washington Post

10 Years. 35 Departments. $3.2B in Misconduct Fees. Tom Kutsch, The Trace

How Corporations Turned Prison Tablets Into a Predatory Scheme Tommaso Bardelli, Ruqaiyah Zarook, and Derick McCarthy, Dissent Magazine

J&J’s Controversial Prison Testing Resurfaces in Baby Powder Lawsuits Jef Feeley, Bloomberg

The Pandemic Isn’t Over Inside Prisons – And It Might Never Be Christopher Blackwell, The Appeal

Compassionate Releases of Federal Prisoners Surged During the Pandemic Jacob Sullum, Reason

NJ had one of largest prison population drops in the US, study finds Karen Yi, Gothamist

Diversion programs reduce criminal justice system footprint in Philadelphia Michele W. Berger, Phys.org

New Yorkers With Marijuana Convictions Will Get First Retail Licenses Jesse McKinley and Grace Ashford, New York Times

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