Congress Passes Historic Anti-Lynching Bill Natalie Andrews, Wall Street Journal

Lynching Postcards: a harrowing documentary about confronting history Lisa Wong Macabasco, The Guardian

Ahmaud Arbery and the Local Legacy of Lynching (2020) Jennifer Rae Taylor and Kayla Vinson, The Marshall Project

Justice for Ahmaud Arbery demanded putting racism itself on trial Colbert I. King, Washington Post

Jury to begin deliberating in 1st trial over Capitol riot Michael Kunzelman, Washington Post

The Defense In The First Jan. 6 Trial’s Closing Argument: Maybe The Evidence Is Fake Zoe Tillman, BuzzFeed News

The Real Reason Democrats Can’t Agree On How to Address Rising Crime John Pfaff, Slate

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Abolitionist Organizer Wants to Fill Los Angeles Power Vacuum Piper French, Bolts Magazine

Decarcerating from the Bench Michael Barajas, Bolts Magazine

Why Is New York’s Bail Reform So Controversial? Josefa Velasquez and Rachel Holliday Smith, The City

Why the dangerousness standard is racist Christina Swarns, New York Daily News

Can COVID-19 Teach Us How to End Mass Incarceration? Amy Fettig, Sentencing Project

DC jail settles lawsuit over inmate covid conditions by ACLU, Public Defender Service Spencer S. Hsu, Washington Post

DC native pushes prison reform on ‘Instagram for the incarcerated’ Paige Hopkins, Axios

He Joined the Attica Prison Uprising. He Hopes a New Documentary Can Set the Record Straight. Eamon Whalen, Mother Jones

To end mass incarceration, we should embrace second chances Jennifer Soble and Erica Zunkel, Chicago Tribune

Denver wants to open the marijuana industry to those most impacted by the drug war. Some say it came too late. Tatiana Flowers, Colorado Sun

How reentry programs in Somerset County are helping ex-inmates find a fresh start Judy DJ Ellich, Daily American

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