Trayvon Martin Is Still Making America Confront Its Original Sin New York Times

Travyon Martin’s death set off a movement that shaped a decade’s defining moments Reis Thebault, Washington Post

How Trayvon Martin’s Killing Ushered In a New Era of Vigilante Violence Caroline Light and Janae E. Thomas, Slate

‘Stand your ground’ laws spread – and grow ‘more extreme’ – 10 years after Trayvon Martin’s death Hannah Knowles and Emmanuel Felton, Washington Post

‘Stand Your Ground’ Laws Linked to More Gun Homicides Tom Kutsch, The Trace

Why gun seizures are unlikely to curb gun violence Jacob Sullum, Chicago Sun-Times

The Waco Biker Shootout Left Nine Dead. Why Was No One Convicted? Mark Binelli, New York Times Magazine

In historic first, Biden nominates Jackson to Supreme Court Amy Howe, SCOTUSblog

Ketanji Brown Jackson, Biden’s Supreme Court nominee, has blazed trails all her life Nina Totenberg, NPR

As a Public Defender, Supreme Court Nominee Helped Clients Others Avoided Charlie Savage, New York Times

The Other First Irin Carmon, New York Magazine

The End of Public Defenders Matthew Caldwell, Inquest

Judicial Elections Test Profound “Cultural Shift” in Houston Maura Ewing, Bolts Magazine

A Reform DA Fights Back Sylvia A. Harvey, The Crime Report

How This ‘Progressive Prosecutor’ Balances Politics and Public Safety Rebecca Davis O’Brien, New York Times

How a single case challenged the LA prosecutor’s reform agenda: ‘Nobody is happy’ Sam Levin, The Guardian

London Breed and the Return of Tough-on-Crime Democrats Michael Javen Fortner, New York Times

Their Sister’s Murder Was Used to Justify Tough on Crime Laws. Now They Want to Build Her a Different Legacy Madison Feller, Elle Magazine

‘Anger Led Me to Prison’ Frank P. McMurray, The Crime Report 

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