Blue Lies Matter Nia T. Evans, Boston Review

The Police State Is Failing Officers Too Scott Hechinger, The Nation

DC police chief faces litany of complaints Peter Hermann, Washington Post

Ex-Prison Boss Drunkenly Pulls Gun On Cops, Shows Two Tiers of Justice Elizabeth Weill-Greenberg and Meg O’Connor, The Appeal

Lack of police reform is harming Black Americans – now what? Nia Johnson, The Hill

NYC Businesses Hire Off-Duty Police to Blunt Uptick in Violent Crime Fola Akinnibi and Sarah Holder, Bloomberg

MSNBC demonstrates the do’s and don’ts of covering crime Cydney Hargis, Media Matters

What Do Crime Writers Owe Their Subjects? Robert Rubsam, New Republic

They Wanted to Roll Back Tough-on-Crime Policies. Then Violent Crime Surged. Astead W. Herndon, New York Times

Los Angeles prosecutors overwhelmingly want to oust their progressive boss Jeremy B. White, Politico

The DA Elections That Will Shape Prosecution in Texas This Year Michael Barajas and Daniel Nichanian, Bolts Magazine

A Reform DA Fights Back Sylvia A. Harvey, The Crime Report

A Wrongful-Conviction Hearing Puts a Heralded Brooklyn Prosecutor on the Stand George Joseph, The City

Out of Prison and Broke, Wrongly Convicted Sell Their Cases Roy Strom, Bloomberg Law

‘Staggering’ study reveals nearly half of unemployed US men have criminal convictions Rodrigo Pérez Ortega, Science Magazine

Why unemployed men with criminal records could be key to solving the US labor shortage Jeffrey B. Wenger and Shawn D. Bushway, Los Angeles Times

Why Write About Life in Prison? Derek R. Trumbo, Slate

The Editor and the Murderer Sarah Weinman, New York Magazine

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