The film industry has the Academy Awards, the television industry has the Emmys, Broadway has the Tonys, and the music industry has the GRAMMYs. Until recently, there wasn’t an award created specifically to recognize groundbreaking shows in the burgeoning world of podcasting, but this all changed with the formation of The Podcast Academy, a global Oscars-level podcasting award and education organization formed in June of 2020 that recognizes excellence in all areas of the podcast industry.

This week, Firebug, a podcast hosted by our Producer, Kary Antholis, and produced by Truth Media in association with Crime Story Media, was nominated for a 2022 Ambie Award in the Best True Crime Podcast category.

For ten years, a serial arsonist terrorized Southern California, burning down businesses in broad daylight. Four people were killed. Then, a manuscript for a novel leads investigators to the last person they would have ever suspected.

Check out the website or listen on Apple, Spotify, Amazon Music or Podchaser.

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