Who Writes the Rules for Cops? Rowan Moore Gerety, Esquire

How Could Police Shootings Keep Happening After We Did Nothing to Stop Them? Jerry Iannelli, The Appeal

The Amir Locke Shooting Has Reopened the Police Reform Debate in Minneapolis Mary Harris, Slate

After Amir Locke Police Killing, Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey Should Resign Robin Wonsley Worlobah, Teen Vogue

Eric Adams vs. the NYPD Christopher Hayes, Slate

Adams eyes expansion of highly controversial police surveillance technology Sally Goldenberg and Joe Anuta, Politico

New Yorkers in high stop-and-frisk areas subject to more facial recognition tech Gloria Oladipo, The Guardian

Police reportedly link woman to crime using DNA taken from her rape kit Dani Anguiano, The Guardian

A Notorious Prison Tech Giant Is Poised to Cash In on Pell Grants for Incarcerated People Madison Pauly, Mother Jones

The Rise and Fall of Prison Education Cassie M. Chew, The Crime Report

The for-profit detention circle Stef W. Knight, Axios

Inmate Rights to Compassionate Release Under Threat Across US The Crime Report

The US is limiting compassionate release in plea deals. Many say that’s cruel Carrie Johnson, NPR

Humiliation, cruelty, horror: Goya knew it all too well Sebastian Smee, Washington Post

Incarcerated and invisible: What happens to pregnant people in Georgia’s county jails? Gray Chapman, Atlanta Magazine

After miscarrying in a Georgia detention center, Pamela Winn became a powerful voice for women in prison – and for those trying to leave it behind Ariel Felton, Atlanta Magazine

To end mass incarceration, we should embrace second chances Jennifer Soble and Erica Zunkel, Chicago Tribune

Louisiana man is freed after new evidence uncovered in 1977 attempted rape conviction David Begnaud, CBS News

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