You can find links to all of Crime Story’s coverage of the Robert Durst trial here.

Jury Duty host Kary Antholis continues his interviews with Durst jurors Carmen Kletecka and John Okanishi. In Durst Trial Podcast: Juror Interviews – Part 7, we hear from Carmen and John about their memories of the testimonies of witnesses who were especially close to Susan Berman. We will also hear their reflections on the verdict of a jury in Galveston, Texas that Robert Durst was not guilty of the murder of Morris Black. At the end of the episode, we will relive some of the key moments that they mention by playing excerpts of the trial audio that they reference.

And check the feed for the trailer introducing Jury Duty Season 4, focusing on The Trial of Kyle Rittenhouse, which will debut on February 28.

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