How a Plea Deal in the Arbery Hate Crime Case Unraveled Richard Fausset and Shaila Dewan, New York Times

Greg McMichael reverses plan to plead guilty to a hate crime in Ahmaud Arbery’s death NPR

Federal prosecutors saw a plea deal for Arbery’s killers as racial justice. His family thought otherwise. David Nakamura, Washington Post

Ex-Chicago officer who killed Laquan McDonald leaves prison Don Babwin, AP News

Stalled policing reform looms over Biden’s NYC visit Olivier Knox, Washington Post

Biden and NYC Mayor Eric Adams seal their alliance as Democrats face a crossroads on crime Gregory Krieg, CNN

Biden grappling with ‘perfect storm’ of rising gun violence Colleen Long, Michael Balsamo, and Michelle L. Price, AP News

Inside a Near Breakdown Between the White House and the Police Katie Benner, Zolan Kanno-Youngs, and Charlie Savage, New York Times

Amid clash with DA, San Francisco police to end agreement on investigating officer shootings Gregory Yee, Los Angeles Times

Rahsaan Hall wanted people to know what a district attorney does. Now he’s running for Plymouth DA. Samantha J. Gross, Boston Globe

Biden’s Supreme Court nominee should be a criminal defense lawyer Abbe David Lowell, Washington Post

What Research Shows About the Importance of Supreme Court Diversity Alicia Bannon and Douglas Keith, Brennan Center for Justice

What Biden’s Appointees Can Tell Us About His Supreme Court Nominee Amelia Thomson-DeVeaux and Elena Mejía, FiveThirtyEight

Ketanji Jackson is a favorite for Biden’s historic Supreme Court pick David G. Savage, Los Angeles Times

Michelle Childs’s Punitive Criminal Justice Rulings Were Repeatedly Overturned Alexander Sammon, American Prospect

Michigan lawmakers want to end life sentences for juveniles. Prosecutors are pushing back Dave Boucher, Detroit Free Press

Convicted at 17, Ohio man has spent 27 years arguing he’s innocent. Can a DNA test help him? Laura A. Bischoff, Columbus Dispatch

Bill Would Open the Door for Investigations in Wrongful Conviction Cases Hannah Gaskill, Maryland Matters

Now We Know Their Names Clint Smith, The Atlantic

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