The Once and Future Drug War James Marson, Julie Wernau, and David Luhnow, Wall Street Journal

Treating Addiction as a Crime Doesn’t Work. What Oregon Is Doing Just Might. Maia Szalavitz, New York Times

This Cook County judge gives convicts his cell number – if they complete addiction program Frank Main, Chicago Sun-Times

Possible Supreme Court nominee, former defender, saw impact of harsh drug sentence firsthand Ann E. Marimow and Aaron C. Davis, Washington Post

For Ketanji Brown Jackson, View of Criminal Justice Was Shaped by Family Patricia Mazzei and Charlie Savage, New York Times

His brother was killed in 2004. Now he fights violent crime as a top Justice official Carrie Johnson, NPR

Family of Ahmaud Arbery wants racial justice as murderers face new trial Rich McKay, Reuters

Prosecutors Strike Hate-Crime Plea Deals in Ahmaud Arbery Killing Richard Fausset, New York Times

Cop Who Called Ahmaud Arbery’s Killing ‘The Death Penalty’ Is Allowed To Resign Instead Of Being Fired Bruce C. T. Wright, NewsOne

The Failure of Police Reform Micah Herskind and Tiffany Roberts, New York Magazine

Rhapsody for a Boy in Blue Maureen Dowd, New York Times

What the Killing of Two NYPD Officers Means for New York Eric Lach, The New Yorker

Staunch Critic of the NYPD Grapples With Deaths of 2 Officers Katie Glueck, New York Times

Recent surge in violent crimes has made ‘law & order’ a hot button topic, again Jeff Greenfield, PBS

Tough-on-crime laws and mass incarceration waste billions of tax dollars without making us safer Miriam Aroni Krinsky, MarketWatch

As Covid Surges Again, Decarceration Is More Necessary Than Ever (2021) Amanda Klonsky and Eric Reinhart, The Nation

We pleaded for social distancing here in San Quentin. The state refused, and now COVID is raging Juan Moreno Haines, Los Angeles Times

COVID Cases Triple In California Juvenile Prisons Byrhonda Lyons, LAist

Joleen Nez: A Death in Custody Cecilia Nowell, The Nation

After 51 Years In Prison, Louisiana’s Longest-Serving Incarcerated Woman Is Free Victoria Law, The Appeal

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