Why Are So Many Americans Killing One Another? Spencer Bokat-Lindell, New York Times

31 States Let People Carry Guns Without Learning How to Shoot One Jennifer Mascia and Chip Brownlee, The Trace

For one Pasadena neighborhood, gun violence is unrelenting Nathan Solis, Los Angeles Times

He Was in Witness Protection in Maine. But His Harlem Life Kept Calling. Ali Watkins, New York Times

The Right Way to Stop Rising Crime in New York Editorial Board, New York Times

Record Levels of Gun Violence and the Democrats’ Dilemma David Rohde, The New Yorker

Criminal Legal Reform One Year Into the Biden Administration Ames Grawert, Lauren-Brooke Eisen, and Jackie Fielding, Brennan Center for Justice

Biden Record on Justice Reform Called ‘Disappointing’ Andrea Cipriano, The Crime Report

How Joe Biden Launched a New Prison Boom Eric Reinhart, Slate

Cages in the Coalfields Judah Schept, Inquest

When a prison closes, the town where it sits has a chance for redemption Brian Kaneda, Los Angeles Times

Moving Forward Brad Haywood and Andy Elders, Inquest

Here’s what happens next for unsolved ‘cold case’ killings from the civil rights era Nicholas Goldberg, Los Angeles Times

Elwood Jones is on death row after a divisive 1995 murder trial. But could he be innocent? Amber Hunt, Cincinnati Enquirer

Bureau Of Prisons Begins Implementing First Step Act With Release Of Thousands In Custody Walter Pavlo, Forbes

States Increase Efforts to End ‘Internal Exile’ of Former Incarcerees: Report The Crime Report

After Years Locked Up for Stealing Cold Medicine, Reginald Randolph Is Released Elizabeth Weill-Greenberg, The Appeal

Rahsaan Thomas, the Ear Hustle host, on clemency and life after prison: ‘I want to tell our stories’ Sam Levin, The Guardian

In ‘Devil House,’ John Darnielle’s hero looks for morality in true-crime writing Lily Meyer, NPR

What does it actually mean to be an abolitionist? Lola Christina Alao, Dazed Magazine

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