Homicide rates have soared nationwide, but mayors see a chance for a turnaround in 2022 Griff Witte, Washington Post

Examining the Spike in Murders German Lopez, New York Times

How bad is crime in Colorado? We examined 35 years of data to put today’s trends in context. Elise Schmelzer, Denver Post

Myth busting Colorado’s crime-wave lore Pete Lee, Denver Post

America isn’t experiencing a crime wave – we’re suffering a crime hoax Kevin R. Brock, The Hill

How Bail Reform, Crime Surge Mix in an Angry Debate Fola Akinnibi, Bloomberg

60% of people awaiting trial can’t afford bail. A civil rights commission can’t agree on reform. Tami Abdollah, USA Today

LFC report: Changing pretrial detention won’t lower crime Elise Kaplan, Albuquerque Journal

Everyone Needs to Take a Deep Breath About Alvin Bragg Errol Louis, New York Magazine

Why a California Program Allowing Prosecutors to Shorten Prison Sentences Is Catching on in Red and Blue Counties Marisa Lagos, KQED

US Supreme Court hears oral arguments on sentencing requirement for drug offenses Josephine Wenson, Jurist

Is Ginni Thomas a Threat to the Supreme Court? Jane Mayer, The New Yorker

The Shameless, Radical Ruling Against Biden’s Civil Service Vaccine Mandate Mark Joseph Stern, Slate

Gavin Newsom Is Fighting A Vaccine Mandate For Prison Staff – At The Expense Of Prisoners Jessica Schulberg, HuffPost

As omicron spreads, CT’s prison system isn’t spared Kelan Lyons, Connecticut Mirror

Hundreds at Rikers Protest Conditions, Citing Covid and the Cold Jonah E. Bromwich, New York Times

Is Solitary Confinement Here to Stay at Rikers Island? Matt Stieb, New York Magazine

What Is Eric Adams’s Plan for the Rikers Island Crisis? Eric Lach, The New Yorker

Bureau Of Prisons Begins Implementing First Step Act With Release Of Thousands In Custody Walter Pavlo, Forbes

A Broadway show about life after incarceration finds its most avid audience in a New York City jail Peter Marks, Washington Post

New novel ‘Devil House’ looks at our true crime obsessions Carolyn Kellogg, Boston Globe

A True Crime Melissa Chadburn, New York Review of Books

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