You can find a collection of media coverage of the McMichaels / Bryan trial here.

Jury Duty host Kary Antholis continues his gavel to gavel examination of the trial of Travis and Greg McMichael and William “Roddie” Bryan. In The Killing of Ahmaud Arbery: Prosecutor’s Rebuttal Closing — Part 1, Antholis examines the rebuttal closing argument of Prosecutor Linda Dunikoski. The host observes that while Dunikoski rehashes many of the legal concepts that she laid out in her opening, this time she does so while repeatedly pointing out many of the flaws in the defense arguments. Dunikoski seems to have approached this jury as a group who would pay careful attention to the judge’s instructions and take seriously their responsibility to apply the law to the facts in this case.

Jury Duty will go through the prosecutor’s rebuttal in great detail, because, in retrospect, we believe that she read this jury very well, and used this rebuttal to nail down the convictions against the three defendants.

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