The Continued Calamity at the Border Stephania Taladrid, The New Yorker

A year into his presidency, Biden has kept some of Trump’s worst immigration policies in place. Why? Catherine Rampell, Washington Post

Del Rio and the Call for Migrant Justice Alicia Schmidt Camacho, The New Yorker

America’s Toughest Immigration Court (2016) Christie Thompson, The Marshall Project

‘A huge burden’: Bail bonds for detained immigrants higher in Georgia Lautaro Grinspan, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Stopping the revolving door of crime: A new Alabama law could let judges set bond in more cases Nicolette Schleisman, WKRG

In Bexar County, a Hybrid Program to Help Indigent Defendants Nili Blanck, Texas Observer

Why the Bill for Miscarriages of Justice Should be Shared by All of Us James M. Doyle, The Crime Report

What’s an appropriate sentence? Truck driver’s 110-year sentence draws scrutiny. Christine Fernando, USA Today

Are Judges Showing Their Political Colors in the Jan. 6 Criminal Cases? Roger Parloff, Lawfare

Hundreds of crimes, little punishment: Inside the sentences since the Capitol attack Nick Niedzwiadek, Politico

January 6 suspects’ DC jail complaints are hypocritical, but they’re not wrong Reginald Dwayne Betts, MSNBC

The Crisis at the DC Jail Began Decades Before Jan. 6 Defendants Started Raising Concerns Madeleine Carlisle, Time Magazine

 ‘I felt a responsibility to look’: As Guantanamo Bay turns 20, photographers reflect on the US prison’s legacy Lewis Bush, The Art Newspaper

Were Early American Prisons Similar to Today’s? Charles Neal, JSTOR Daily

‘I have a responsibility to speak about it’: a wrongfully imprisoned artist making art from his ordeal David Smith, The Guardian

A 74-Year-Old Black Woman Gets Exonerated After Spending 28 Years in Prison for Wrongful Murder Conviction James R. Sanders, Complex

Sidebar: Exonerated Courthouse News Service

A Nike Executive Seeks a Family’s Forgiveness for a 1965 Murder Jeré Longman and Kevin Draper, New York Times

A Daughter’s Quest to Free Her Father’s Killer Eren Orbey, The New Yorker

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