Does Being a Victim of Crime Shift a Politician’s Views? David A. Graham, The Atlantic

Eric Adams Ran on Making New York Safer. A Subway Killing Poses a Test. Katie Glueck, New York Times

Conflict Quickly Emerges Between Top Prosecutor and Police Commissioner Jonah E. Bromwich and William K. Rashbaum, New York Times

The Manhattan DA Started a Panic with Supposedly Soft-on-Crime Policies. His Critics Are Wrong. John Pfaff, New Republic

“We’re doomed!” How panic over progressive DAs masks the poor records of conservative prosecutors Tana Ganeva, Substack

Why Aren’t Conservative Prosecutors Feeling the Heat Right Now? David Greenwald, Davis Vanguard

They Publicized Prosecutors’ Misconduct. The Blowback Was Swift. (2021) Jonah E. Bromwich, New York Times

Anatomy of a Murder Confession Maurice Chammah, The Marshall Project

A step toward better justice: Prying open the ‘black box’ of plea deals Henry Gass, Christian Science Monitor

Jail Admissions Have Fallen, but Average Length of Stay Is Up, Study Shows Julie Wertheimer and Tracy Velázquez, PEW

As Covid Surges Again, Decarceration Is More Necessary Than Ever (2021) Amanda Klonsky, The Nation

Coronavirus infections inside US immigration detention centers surge by 520% in 2022 Camilo Montoya-Galvez, CBS News

US inmates sue jail over ivermectin treatment for Covid as ‘medical experimentation’ Maya Yang, The Guardian

New COVID infections in NJ prison trigger a lockdown. Was a PBA Christmas party responsible? Tariq MaQbool, Newark Star-Ledger

NJ Will Resume Releasing Prisoners Early Due To COVID After Murphy Declares Emergency Karen Yi, Gothamist

Following Dramatic Spike In COVID-19 Cases, Advocates And Public Defenders Join Call For Decarceration On Troubled Rikers Island Aundrea Cline-Thomas, CBS New York

San Quentin inmate podcast host granted clemency KTLA

I Host a Popular Podcast. I’m Also in Prison. (2019) Rahsaan Thomas, The Marshall Project

The Artists of Sing Sing Adam Iscoe, The New Yorker

“Wild: Bird of Paradise” Envisions a World Without Prisons or Police Celina Fang, The Marshall Project

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