Three Men Sentenced to Life in Prison in Arbery Killing Richard Fausset, New York Times

Father, son sentenced to life without parole in Arbery murder Shabbi Abusaid, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Could the verdict in the trial of Ahmaud Arbery’s killers spell the end for so-called ‘vigilante justice’? (2021) Rachel Sharp, Independent

The Court and the Rise in Vigilantism (2021) Erwin Chemerinsky, American Prospect

The Supreme Court case that could gut America’s gun laws, explained (2021) Ian Millhiser, Vox

It’s Official: Gun Deaths Hit an All-Time High in 2020 Jennifer Mascia, The Trace

The Data Are Pointing to One Major Driver of America’s Murder Spike Jeff Asher and Rob Arthur, The Atlantic

As murders surge in Louisiana, the number of cases being solved is dropping Lara Nicholson, Zane Piontek, Brea Rougeau, and Jada Hemsley, (Lafayette, LA) Daily Advertiser

Can Criminal-Justice Reformers Adjust to Rising Crime? Conor Friedersdorf, The Atlantic

Conflict Quickly Emerges Between Top Prosecutor and Police Commissioner Jonah E. Bromwich and William K. Rashbaum, New York Times

Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg Issues Far-Reaching Decarceration Plan Rory Fleming, Filter Magazine

The public health case for decarcerating America’s prison system Eric Reinhart, Salon

Utah prison, jail facilities report COVID-19 outbreaks Kolbie Peterson, Salt Lake City Tribune

Omicron Outbreaks in Prisons Put Everyone at Risk, But Data Is Scarce Mike Ludwig, Truthout

Calls grow for inmate releases as COVID-19 caseloads climb in jails and prisons Sarah Smellie, CBC News

A Year After NJ Released Thousands Early From Prison, Only 9% Are Back in Custody Karen Yi, Gothamist

A 90-year-old was serving life for marijuana despite serious illness. Now he’s going home Casey Tolan, CNN

A Canon for the American Prisoner (2021) John J. Lennon with Reginald Dwayne Betts, New York Review of Books

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