The Hour of the Barbarian Vincent Bevins, n+1

Is a Civil War Ahead? David Remnick, The New Yorker

The Capitol Insurrection Is Not Over David Atkins, Washington Monthly

Judges have declined US-proposed sentences in two-thirds of Jan. 6 cases so far Rachel Weiner, Tom Jackman, and Spencer S. Hsu, Washington Post

The Jan. 6 Defendants Are Getting Off Easy Jeremy Stahl, Slate

Some Jan. 6 Rioters May Use Police Brutality as a Defense Alan Feuer, New York Times

The difference between Jan. 6 rioters and Black Lives Matter – and the Catholics who refuse to see it Gloria Purvis, America Magazine

Trust in America: Do Americans trust the police? Pew Research Center

DA again seeks tips on police violence at protests. Yet he doesn’t ask grand juries to indict cops Michael Williams, Dallas Morning News

Inside a district attorney’s campaign to reform the Austin police department (2021) Neena Satija, Washington Post

Alvin Bragg Wants to Do Away With Prison Time for Most Crimes Benjamin Hart, New York Magazine

Manhattan DA Acts on Vow to Seek Incarceration Only for Worst Crimes Jonah E. Bromwich, New York Times

‘Club Fed it ain’t’: Former inmate shares his experience on Rikers Island Cindy Adams, New York Post

Inside the Prison Walls Victoria A. Brownworth, Georgia Voice

New York’s Prisons Are Turning Into Senior-Citizen Centers (2021) Errol Louis, New York Magazine

Wisconsin felony disenfranchisement laws deny voting rights long after individuals leave prison La Risa R. Lynch, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Older people released from Colorado prisons struggle with health insurance, housing, study finds Shelly Bradbury, Denver Post

New Jersey Landlords Can’t Automatically Deny Renters Based on Criminal Past, New Law Mandates Karen Yi, Gothamist

A reentry program launched in federal court shows promise as a way to reduce recidivism Timothy R. Rice, Philadelphia Inquirer

Building Bridges Hernandez Stroud, Inquest

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