‘I really thought that I was going to die that day’ Jennifer Haberkorn, Los Angeles Times

When the Rioters Came for Us on January 6 Jamie Raskin, New Republic

The Capitol Rioters, A Year Later Slate

From the Capitol to the city council: How extremism in the US shifted after Jan. 6 Brandy Zadrozny and Ben Collins, NBC News

The Vigilante Next Door Dahlia Lithwick, Slate

Homicides rising in Watts, but residents say violence far from the only story Maria L. La Ganga and Andrew J. Campa, Los Angeles Times

New Orleans ends 2021 with most murders in a year since before Hurricane Katrina: ‘Why?’ Ramon Antonio Vargas, NOLA.com

Philly’s homicide crisis in 2021 featured more guns, more retaliatory shootings, and a decline in arrests and convictions Chris Palmer, Philadelphia Inquirer

A Year In, President Biden’s Bold Gun Reform Agenda Remains Largely Aspirational Chip Brownlee, The Trace

The Democrats Need to Start Talking About Police Reform Differently Jakob Cansler, Washington Monthly

Cops’ role in Jan. 6 attack divides Virginia town with ties to Confederacy Devin Dwyer, Elizabeth Thomas, and Jacqueline Yoo, ABC News

A man who served 37 years may be freed after informant said cops provided sex for false testimony Samantha Melamed, Philadelphia Inquirer

NY prisons used false-positive drug tests to punish inmates, investigation finds Robert Harding, Auburn Citizen

NY Prisons Punished 1,600 Based on Faulty Drug Tests, Report Finds Karen Zraick, New York Times

When A Prison Sentence Of 10 Years And 6 Months Turns Into Forever Jessica Schulberg, HuffPost

Excessive life sentences are Louisiana’s next criminal justice frontier The Advocate

Massachusetts Legislature is pressured to ease burden of criminal records Dan Adams, Boston Globe

‘I’ll never leave your side’: his father’s letters helped him endure 19 years in prison Lolly Bowean, The Guardian

Four Lives: The Real Story Behind The BBC’s Chilling True-Crime Drama Ash Percival, HuffPost

The Hunt for Bible John – is this the best true-crime documentary ever made? Stuart Heritage, The Guardian

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