Could Jan. 6 happen again? Kyle Cheney, Politico

Anatomy of a death threat Peter Eisler, Jason Szep, Linda So, and Sam Hart, Reuters

So You Admitted To Participating In The Insurrection. Now What? Zoe Tillman, BuzzFeed News

A Key Reason Jan. 6 Rioters Aren’t Facing Sedition Charges; They’re White Anthony Conwright, Mother Jones

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California Supreme Court Rules Prisons Cannot Consider Violent Felons for Early Release Erin Brady, Newsweek

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Advocates to push for overhaul of Colorado’s youth residential centers – and they’re looking to Florida for help Jennifer Brown, Colorado Sun

50 Years Later: The Evolution of Prison Policy Morgan Godvin, JSTOR Daily

Language Mistake in Georgia Death Penalty Law Creates a Daunting Hurdle Adam Liptak, New York Times

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The Epic Rise and Fall of Elizabeth Holmes David Streitfeld, New York Times

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