Rikers: The Obituaries Bliss Broyard and Lisa Riordan Seville, New York Magazine

He Went to Jail on Minor Charges. He Left in a Coma. Tracey Tully, New York Times

Prison Time Shortens Life Span for Black Americans, But Not Whites Dennis Thompson, Health Day

For poor defendants, minor crimes can lead to devastating debts Mark R. Rank, Washington Post

NY Bail Reform: ‘Two Steps Forward, One Step Back’ Eva Herscowitz, The Crime Report

LA’s ‘zero bail’ policy doesn’t increase crime but does reduce the devastating consequences of incarceration Ambrose Brooks S., Los Angeles Times

Why Does America Keep Jailing People Because They’re Poor? Tony Messenger, Daily Beast

Fixing Prison System Needs More Than Change in Leadership, Writes Bureau of Prisons Official Davis Vanguard

Guard shortage creating unsafe conditions at Colorado federal prison complex housing nation’s most notorious criminals, union says Elise Schmelzer, Denver Post

Criminal justice reform could ease labor shortage Brewster Brevis, Gainesville Sun

Innocent people jailed for decades – Michigan prosecutors seek to correct past errors Minnah Arshad, Detroit Free Press

The Police Killings Were Years Ago. New Prosecutors Are Reopening Cases. Steve Eder and David D. Kirkpatrick, New York Times

‘We have to change the whole system’: Experts sound off on how to end police code of silence Daphne Duret, Jarrad Henderson, Gina Barton, and Brett Murphy, USA Today

Former Officer Kim Potter Found Guilty in Death of Daunte Wright Nia Prater, New York Magazine

Daunte Wright’s Family Gets Accountability, if Not Justice Ibrahim Hirsi, The Nation

We Keep Each Other Safe E. Tammy Kim, Lux Magazine

On the line at Edwins, where a restaurateur dishes out tough love to former inmates Laura Meckler, Washington Post

Dostoevsky’s Favorite Murder Jennifer Wilson, New Republic

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