In Big City Politics, a Call to Fund the Police Jay Caspian Kang, New York Times

NYC’s Eric Adams, America’s expanding police state signal an end to George Floyd-inspired reforms Will Bunch, Philadelphia Inquirer

The FBI Deployed Surveillance Teams Inside Portland Protests Mike Baker, Sergio Olmos, and Adam Goldman, New York Times

He Was Filming on His Phone. Then a Deputy Attacked Him and Charged Him With Resisting Arrest. Richard A. Webster and Greg Morton, ProPublica/WRKF

Kentucky task force recommends search warrant changes after Breonna Taylor’s death Vanessa Romo, NPR

DOJ investigations in Phoenix, Louisville send a message: Policing is under the microscope Jimmy Jenkins and Tessa Duvall, USA Today

As mandate kicks in, ranks of unvaccinated New York police, firefighters dwindle Peter Szekely, Reuters

64% of Illinois prison workers are now vaccinated as their union fights the mandate Patrick Smith, WBEZ

Delayed justice is still a problem after COVID-19 disruptions Debra Cassens Weiss, ABA Journal

New York’s Prisons Are Turning Into Senior-Citizen Centers Errol Louis, New York Magazine

All They Want for the Holidays Is for Their Loved Ones to Come Home From Prison Victoria Law, Trutout

The Conservative Case For Prison Reform Tony Messenger, Time Magazine

State should look at evidence as innocent man sits on death row for Portage County murders Michael Douglas, Akron Beacon Journal

The Collateral Consequences of Exoneration Troy Burner, The Crime Report

What Does the Recent Set of Exonerations Tell Us About the Criminal Justice System? Austin Sarat and Rose Mroczka, Slate

The Lesson of Meek Mill’s ‘Trauma’ Andrea Cipriano, The Crime Report

For Freedoms and Hank Willis Thomas Question America’s Systems of Incarceration Cultured Magazine

Giving Seattle artist Kenjiro Nomura the credit he deserves after mass incarceration derailed career Jade Yamazaki Stewart, Seattle Times

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