How 2021 Changed the Death Penalty Austin Sarat, Slate

The Death Penalty in 2021: Year End Report Death Penalty Information Center

US executions, death sentences fall in 2021 to lowest levels in decades, report finds Jeanine Santucci, USA Today

America’s death penalty divide: why capital punishment is getting better, and worse Ed Pilkington, The Guardian

On death row for 30 years, his execution was the epitome of cruel and unusual Peter Funt, USA Today

Many juries in America remain mostly white, prompting states to take action to eliminate racial discrimination in their selection Emmanuel Felton, Washington Post

The Color of Justice: These are the faces of Florida’s criminal legal system. Kavitha Surana, Tampa Bay Times

The COVID-19 pandemic amplified long-standing racial disparities in the United States criminal justice system Brennan Klein, Benjamin J. Schafer, et al., medRxiv

What Officials Can Do to Keep Omicron From Ravaging One of Our Most Vulnerable Populations Joshua Manson, Slate

Life in the ward: how do you care for Covid patients in prison? Caitlin Cassidy, The Guardian

Seeking Mercy From Hochul: Three New York Prisoners Plead Their Cases Reuven Blau, The City

New Council Members Assail Adams’ Plan to Restore Solitary Confinement in NYC Jails Reuven Blau and Katie Honan, The City

The Bill Could Save the Lives of Formerly Incarcerated People Michelle Cottle, New York Times

A Sheriff for the People Tom Gogola, The Nation

Pepper-sprayed, arrested, grieving: The mother who was at the frontlines of DC anti-police protests Clarence Williams, Washington Post

California Wants Best of Both Worlds: Reform With More Cops Joe Garofoli, Governing

Should Hawaii Overhaul How It Investigates Police Shootings? Blaze Lovell, Honolulu Civil Beat

A Reformist Black Police Chief Faces an Uprising of the Old Guard Radley Balko, The Intercept

DC Police Tried to Fire 24 Current Officers for ‘Criminal Offenses.’ A Powerful Panel Blocked Nearly Every One, Documents Show. Dhruv Mehrota, Jenny Gathright, and Martin Austermuhle, Reveal

Advocates push for clemency for Black soldiers in 1917 riot AP News

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