January 6 Isn’t Over Yet Matt Ford, New Republic

The Paperwork Coup David A. Graham, The Atlantic

Proud Boys Regroup, Focusing on School Boards and Town Councils Sheera Frenkel, New York Times

What Happens When the Cops Don’t Care? Alex Pareene, The Atlantic

Years Before a Police Union Leader Was Raided by the FBI, Local Investigators Didn’t Pursue Allegations Against Him Jake Pearson, ProPublica

Revealed: LAPD used ‘strategic communications’ firm to track ‘defund the police’ online Sam Levin and Johana Bhuiyan, The Guardian

A School District Defunded Police. But It Keeps Calling Them Back In. Corey Mitchell, Center for Public Integrity

Citizens hide from active shooters as Alaska fails to deliver on 2019 promise of village troopers Kyle Hopkins, Anchorage Daily News

San Francisco mayor pledges more police, safety measures Janie Har, AP News

1,500 Black college students challenged police in 1961. The Supreme Court took their side. Bailey Loosemore, USA Today

Derek Chauvin pleads guilty to civil rights charges in George Floyd’s killing Andy Mannix, Minneapolis Star Tribune

23 witnesses, one video will play a role in determining the rest of Pervis Payne’s life Katherine Burgess, Memphis Commercial Appeal

Forensic hypnosis in Texas prompts questions about death row case David Martin Davies, Texas Public Radio

No compassion, no release in California prisons Judy Greenspan, Workers World

Louisiana Policy Intended to Reform Solitary Confinement Still Leaves People in Indefinite Lockdown Eli Cahan and Nick Chrastil, The Intercept

Her Baby Died After Hurricane Katrina. Was It a Crime? Cary Aspinwall, Lea Skene, and Ilica Mahajan, The Marshall Project

She Didn’t Just ‘Snap’ Melissa Jeltsen, New York Magazine

Inside the hunt for a killer who shadowed a homeless camp Matthew Ormseth, Los Angeles Times

Netflix Series Shows the Dark Side of ‘70s New York in the Hunt for the Times Square Killer Daniel Kreps, Rolling Stone

True Crime Nancy Kathryn Walecki, Harvard Magazine

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