New sheriff in town Nicholas Chrastil, The Lens

Sheriff of the Year: Susan Hutson (+ the people who elected her) Jessica Pishko, Substack

Keechant Sewell to Become First Woman to Lead NYPD Emma G. Fitzsimmons, Ali Watkins, and Ashley Southall, New York Times

When Police Need PR Help, Many Turn to One Firm in Vacaville Ericka Cruz Guevarra, Carlos Cabrera-Lomelí, and Alan Montecillo, KQED

The Police Lie. All the Time. Can Anything Stop Them? (2020) Mark Joseph Stern, Slate

Retailers say theft is at crisis levels. The numbers say otherwise Sam Dean, Los Angeles Times

The retail theft ‘crisis’ isn’t what you think it is Sean H. Vanatta, Washington Post

Retail Theft Coverage Hypes Familiar Pro-Criminalization Narrative Kandist Mallett, Teen Vogue

Police Disinformation Is Still Disinformation Jerry Iannelli, The Appeal

Only police reform will save the city from paying millions more for misconduct Editorial Board, Chicago Sun-Times

The Unconstitutional Convictions You Don’t Know About Clark Neily and Somil Trivedi, Wall Street Journal

“It’s Like a Slow War, Like a Slow Burn. Like a Slow, Quiet Form of Torture.” Elizabeth Weill-Greenberg, The Appeal

Thousands of Incarcerated People in California Are Serving Excessively Long Sentences and Could Be Safely Released David Greenwald, Davis Vanguard

Women Sent from Rikers to Maximum-Security Prison: ‘They Treat Us Like State Property’ Tana Ganeva, New York Focus

A Judge Has Ordered Him Released From Prison – Twice. The Government Still Won’t Set Him Free. Billy Binion, Reason

Sentenced to 241 Years as a Teen, Bobby Bostic Wins Parole Ryan Krull, Riverfront Times

Cruelty Of Wrongful Convictions Humanized By Julie Green ‘First Meal’ Series Chadd Scott, Forbes

The Murders at Starved Rock: will we ever know who killed three women in 1960? Charles Bramesco, The Guardian

Olivia Colman Shows How Not to Get Away With Murder in ‘Landscapers’ Alan Sepinwall, Rolling Stone

The Wire’s Sonja Sohn on her Baltimore documentary: ‘We are seeing multilayered corruption’ David Smith, The Guardian

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