It Took 74 Days for Ahmaud Arbery’s Murderers to Be Arrested. A Top ACLU Lawyer Is Decrying a ‘Cover Up’ by Local Prosecutors Tim Dickinson, Rolling Stone

They Publicized Prosecutors’ Misconduct. The Blowback Was Swift. Jonah E. Bromwich, New York Times

Looking at role of prosecutors, politics in mass incarceration Nikki Rojas, Harvard Gazette

US Senate narrowly confirms Biden’s progressive pick for Massachusetts prosecutor Nate Raymond, Reuters

Misdemeanors ‘Can Haunt A Person For Life’: Why LA’s DA Stopped Charging Many Of Them Aaron Mendelson, LAist

Marking one year in office, LA DA Gascón touts accomplishments, spars with critics on crime James Queally, Los Angeles Times

Fighting Crime More Important Than Police Reform: Survey The Crime Report

Oakland City Council backtracks, voting to add police as it grapples with rise in homicides Janie Har, Los Angeles Times

Community policing found to be ineffective in improving trust or reducing crime Bob Yirka,

DOJ Slammed for Failure to Publish Police Excessive Force Data The Crime Report

Shadow of Floyd, Chauvin case hangs over trial of officer who shot Daunte Wright Steve Karnowski and Amy Forliti, Los Angeles Times

Police reform moves forward amid officer’s trial for death of Daunte Wright Kiara Alfonseca, ABC News

Philly prosecutors want to redefine when police can legally shoot. It’s now up to the Pa. Supreme Court. Chris Palmer, Philadelphia Inquirer

US supreme court to hear case that could have dire consequences for death row inmates Ed Pilkington, The Guardian

Supreme Court seems poised to rule against Ariz. in death penalty cases, but uncertainty remains Joseph Darius Jaafari, Arizona Republic

Can Oklahoma keep killing inmates on Native land? Julius Jones’ clemency renews death penalty fight Jana Hayes and Jessie Christopher Smith, The Oklahoman

Despite promises, Biden has yet to issue a single pardon, leaving reformers depressed and thousands incarcerated Charles Davis, Insider

Why I Write From Prison: ‘So the Heart Can Keep Beating’ “Z”, The Crime Report

It’s Never Too Late to Go to College and Rewrite Your Story Chris Colin, New York Times

Don’t Blame Alice Sebold Camonghne Felix, New York Magazine

Who Killed Malcolm X? Tamara Payne, The Nation

The True Story of ‘Landscapers,’ Olivia Colman’s Acclaimed True Crime Drama Tom Nicholson, Esquire

The Great (Fake) Child-Sex-Trafficking Epidemic Kaitlyn Tiffany, The Atlantic

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