Can you ever escape the American prison system? Jaeah Lee, The Economist

The death penalty cases before the Supreme Court that could keep innocent people in prison Leah Litman, NBC News

He Is Black. The Victims Were White. ‘It’s an Allegation as Old as America.’ Margaret Renkl, New York Times

‘An ancestral fight’: Tribal members condemn death penalty following Jones’ clemency Jana Hayes and Jessie Christopher Smith, The Oklahoman

Third Inmate Death Reported at Federal Prison as Dick Durbin Calls for Reform of Bureau Lora Korpar, Newsweek

Prison Officials Punished Me With Solitary – Against Their Own Rules Jessica Phoenix Sylvia, Truthout

Florida Supreme Court backs harsh sentence for man who maintained innocence Jim Saunders, Orlando Weekly

Florida’s two-strikes law condemns too many offenders to life in prison Editorial Board, Orlando Sentinel

US public divided over whether people convicted of crimes spend too much or too little time in prison John Gramlich, Pew Research Center

Biden’s Inaction Keeps Justice Reform Group Sidelined Sarah Martinson, Law360

Criminalization of Protest in the Fight for Racial Justice Jilisa R. Milton, Bloomberg Law

Justice Department Closes Emmett Till Investigation Without Charges Audra D. S. Burch and Tariro Mzezewa, New York Times

New report hits DOJ over lack of police shooting data Russell Contreras, Axios

‘I was beaten with a flashlight’: Reparations for Chicago police torture victims fall short Vincent Wade Robinson, USA Today

Amid rise in homicides, Ohio proposes $250M of COVID-19 relief aid for police, first responders Titus Wu, Columbus Dispatch

Denver refunds its police department Alayna Alvarez, Axios Denver

Barrels of Bad Apples: Copaganda in Crime Books Alice Nuttall, Book Riot

Law & Order Taught Americans to Root for the Police Olayemi Olurin, Teen Vogue

“Woman of the Year” Mariska Hargitay Should Quit “SVU” Jerry Iannelli and Meg O’Connor, The Appeal

‘The Killing Of Kenneth Chamberlain’ Review: Frankie Faison Delivers A Stunning Performance In A Film About The Horrors Of Police Brutality Valerie Complex, Deadline

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