Why Do We Call the Police? Lyra Walsh Fuchs, Dissent Magazine

Calls to ‘defund the police’ clash with reality for many Americans, city polls show Susan Page, USA Today

Baltimore’s Crime Plan Is Missing a Key Component: Community Buy-In J. Brian Charles, The Trace

Oakland mayor seeks to reverse police cuts amid crime spike Juliet Williams, AP News

Denver refunds its police department Alayna Alvarez, Axios Denver

Does Adding Police Officers Reduce Crime? The Results Are Mixed Shaila Dewan, New York Times

Police Disinformation Is Still Disinformation Jerry Iannelli, The Appeal

The Police Killings Were Years Ago. New Prosecutors Are Reopening Cases. Steve Eder and David D. Kirkpatrick, New York Times

A Black Man Charged With Murder Said He Shot At A Group Of White Teens in Self-Defense Albert Samaha, Jamilah King, and Caroline O’Donovan, BuzzFeed News

Rittenhouse trial points to racial disparities in punishment The Daily Targum

Vulnerable Places Jessica T. Simes, Inquest

The population prevalence of solitary confinement Hannah Pullen-Blasnik, Bruce Western, and Jessica T. Simes, Science Advances

With the Louisville jail in crisis, advocates are pushing harder for bail reform Roberto Roldan, WFPL

Lawbreakers in federal prisons include prison staff, report finds; senators demand accountability Joe Davidson, Washington Post

‘A humanitarian crisis’: Why Alabama could lose control of its dangerous prisons Liz Crampton, Politico

Female prisoners in NJ will get more health care services behind bars and after release Blake Nelson, NJ Advance Media

Aging Louisiana prisoners were promised a chance at parole after 10 years. Some are finally free Roby Chavez, PBS

Man Is Exonerated in Rape Case Described in Alice Sebold’s Memoir Karen Zraick and Alexandra Alter, New York Times

How the FBI Discovered a Real-Life Indiana Jones in, of All Places, Rural Indiana Josh Sanburn, Vanity Fair

Halim Flowers Was Given Two Life Sentences At 17. Decades Later, His Art Is Shown In Galleries Worldwide Elliot C. Williams, DCist

Life of Crime: a shocking film about three decades of addiction and incarceration Adrian Horton, The Guardian

Landscapers review: This unsettling, relentlessly original series is not another true crime drama Katie Rosseinsky, Evening Standard

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