In Charlottesville, the Nazis Were Finally Held to Account Dahlia Lithwick, Slate

Spencer, Kessler, Cantwell and other white supremacists found liable in deadly Unite the Right rally Ellie Silverman, Ian Shapira, Tom Jackman, and John Woodrow Cox, Washington Post

Why Are the McMichaels So Scared? Nicole Lewis, Slate

Ahmaud Arbery trial verdict: Jury deliberations continue Washington Post

How Kyle Rittenhouse Walked Free Mary Harris, Slate

White Vigilantes and Black Protest John Nichols, The Nation

Kyle Rittenhouse, Ahmaud Arbery Cases Show Connection Between Vigilantism and Police Toella Pliakas, Teen Vogue

One Rochester Cop’s Abuses Reveal A Culture of Police Impunity Meg O’Connor, The Appeal

St. Louis police department hides key details about homicide cases from the public Rachel Lippmann, Tom Scheck, Shahla Farzan, and Jennifer Lu, St. Louis Public Radio

Prosecutor drops charges against officer in rare case of restorative justice mediation Emma Tucker, CNN

Reform Prosecutors Claim Success in Reducing Incarceration The Crime Report

NJ Cut Its Prison Population By 40% During 11 Months Of the Pandemic Karen Yi, Gothamist

Multimedia story: Life Inside Adelanto – stories from the ICE detention center Ryanne Mena, Kaitlyn Lavo, and PJ Shahamat, Daily Sundial

Mass. says prisons operating as usual while staff are disciplined for refusing COVID vaccination Sarah Betancourt, WGBH

New Department of Justice complaint says Alabama has not improved prison conditions since 2019 allegations Mike Cason,

Bad food and medical care and even worse problems make prison reform a must John C. Hamler, Columbus Dispatch

‘What else can I do?’: Problems in expungement court slow attempts by some to get lives back on track after criminal cases Megan Crepeau, Chicago Tribune

Dallas Serial Killer Verdict Shows Justice is Scarce for Elderly Victims Lise Olsen, Texas Observer

Kevin Strickland exonerated after 43 years in one of the longest wrongful-conviction cases in US history Timothy Bella, Washington Post

True-crime TV fuels ‘missing white woman syndrome.’ Two new docs aim to change that Lorraine Ali, Los Angeles Times

Of Course True Crime Fans Are Guilty Kevin Birmingham, Slate

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