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Judge Rejects Call for Mistrial in Case Against Men Accused of Killing Arbery Richard Fausset and Tariro Mzezewa, New York Times

Judges Keep Accepting Nonsensical Reasons to Exclude Black People From Juries Ladoris Hazzard Cordell, Slate

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Four Lives Lost: Inside America’s Homicide Surge Julie Bosman, Mitch Smith, Neil MacFarquhar, Tim Arango, and Chloe Reynolds, New York Times

Police Have a Tool to Take Guns From Potential Shooters, but Many Aren’t Using It Dan Frosch and Zusha Elinson, Wall Street Journal

Americans’ conversation about police reform isn’t going away. Here’s an updated look. David Mastio, USA Today

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COVID outbreak shuts down police academy Ally Jarmanning, WBUR

COVID-19 cases jump in Mass. jails and prisons after months of minimal spread Deborah Becker, WBUR

The people running Kansas prisons have never seen a staffing crisis this bad Blaise Mesa, KCUR

Durbin calls for Garland to remove federal prisons director Michael Balsamo, AP News

Insurrectionists’ jail complaints lead to overdue reform within DC’s jail system Christina Carrega and Hannah Rabinowitz, CNN

Alabama judge opposed to death penalty set for ethics trial Kim Chandler, Washington Post

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