In Trial Opening, Two Starkly Different Views of Ahmaud Arbery’s Death Richard Fausset and Tariro Mzezewa, New York Times

The Trial of Kyle Rittenhouse Begins Paige Williams, The New Yorker

The electoral demise of ‘defund the police’ Aaron Blake, Washington Post

‘We Need Policemen’: Even in Liberal Cities, Voters Reject Scaled-Back Policing Mitch Smith and Tim Arango, New York Times

Minneapolis’ rejection of a new kind of policing is about politics, not policy Hassan Kanu, Reuters

Public Defender Warns ‘Fearmongering’ Journalism Threatens Progressive Criminal Justice Reform Angelina Sang, Davis Vanguard

Democratic Voters Reject Police Funding Cuts, But Embrace More Modest Reforms Daniel Marans, HuffPost

America can’t fix policing without fixing the country’s gun problem German Lopez, Vox

How Police Justify Killing Drivers: The Vehicle Was a Weapon Kim Barker, Steve Eder, David D. Kirkpatrick, and Arya Sundaram, New York Times

Police case gave Supreme Court a chance to protect your rights to record cops. It whiffed. Editorial Board, USA Today

Active-duty police in major US cities appear on purported Oath Keepers rosters Odette Yousef, Tom Dreisbach, George Joseph, Huo Jingnan, and Micah Loewinger, NPR

How Law Enforcement Tried to Capitalize on Vaccine Mandates and Failed Jessica Pishko, Slate

Newsom and guards challenge vaccine mandates at prisons, warning of staff departures Richard Winton, Los Angeles Times

Prisons in Illinois, nationally face staff shortages as corrections officers quit amid COVID Michael Sisak, Chicago Sun-Times

As Corrections Officers Quit in Droves, Prisons Get Even More Dangerous Keri Blakinger, Jamiles Lartey, Beth Schwartzapfel, Mike Sisak, and Christie Thompson, The Marshall Project

Again facing prison crisis, Florida remains ‘white whale’ for criminal justice reformers Grace Toohey, Orlando Sentinel

First they were ignored. Now, they’re being sent far from their families and attorneys. Theresa Vargas, Washington Post

Could vacant state prisons be put to a different use? Nick Reisman, Spectrum News

‘A way to deal with emotion’: how teaching art can help prisoners David Smith, The Guardian

Alex Murdaugh saga involving death, drugs and more has attracted a cult-like true-crime following Michael M. DeWitt Jr., Bluffton Today

‘The Unlikely Murderer’: Captivating Swedish True Crime Series On Netflix Sheena Scott, Forbes

This Week in True-Crime Podcasts: The Ken and Barbie Killers New York Magazine

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