With a jury now in place, the murder trial in the killing of Ahmaud Arbery begins today Christina Maxouris, CNN

Nearly all-White jury in Arbery killing highlights long-standing fears of racial bias in jury selection Silvia Foster-Frau and Hannah Knowles, Washington Post

Let’s Compare the Kyle Rittenhouse Trial to That of the Men Accused of Murdering Ahmaud Arbery Charles P. Pierce, Esquire

The Real Danger of the Kyle Rittenhouse Trial Aymann Ismail, Slate

The Right’s Embrace of Political Violence Is Escalating Matt Ford, New Republic

A Bad Election Night for Bids to Transform Criminal-Legal Systems Rory Fleming, Filter Magazine

Police Reform Was On The Ballot — Here’s What Voters Chose In Minneapolis And Across The US Anna Kaplan, Forbes

Voters Send ‘Go-Slow’ Message on Police Reform The Crime Report

Can Voters Even Dismantle the Police? Molly Osberg, New Republic

Portland, Oregon, mayor proposes increasing police budget Sara Cline, AP News

Dramatically increasing incarceration is the wrong response to the recent uptick in homicides and violent crime Anthony Barr and Kristen Broady, Brookings

Is It Time to Rethink the ‘American Way of Punishment’? Stephen Handelman, The Crime Report

The Torturous Death of John Grant in Oklahoma Elizabeth Bruenig, The Atlantic

Another ‘Botched’ Execution in Oklahoma Fuels Outrage Khaleda Rahman, Newsweek

They executed people for the state of South Carolina. For some, it nearly destroyed them. Chiara Eisner, The State

Stabbings at Philly jail went unnoticed amid staff shortages, video shows Samantha Melamed, Philadelphia Inquirer

After Years of Complaints, the DC Jail Has Been Deemed Too Wretched for Some Inmates CJ Ciaramella, Reason

Is This the Worst Place to Be Poor and Charged with a Federal Crime? Charles Bethea, The New Yorker

Criminal Justice Reform Requires Bolstering the Public Defender Dina Sayegh Doll, Bloomberg Law

The dangerous joke of the Chesa Boudin recall Lincoln Mitchell, San Francisco Examiner

‘You took 32 years of my life’: Freed man accuses LAPD detective of manipulating eyewitness ID Marisa Gerber, Los Angeles Times

An Ode to Memo, the Cellmate and Art Teacher Who Saved My Life Rafael Rodriguez, The Marshall Project

Introducing Slow Burn Season 6 Joel Anderson, Slate

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