Minneapolis Votes to Keep Its Police Department Samantha Michaels, Mother Jones

Minneapolis voters reject plan to replace Police Department Liz Navratil, Briana Bierschbach, and Ryan Faircloth, Minneapolis Star Tribune

Americans Don’t Want to Defund the Police. Here’s What They Do Want. William Saletan, Slate

Win or lose, police reform ballot measure shows America is over status quo policing Maurice Mitchell, USA Today

Austin voters overwhelmingly reject Prop A police staffing plan Ryan Autullo, Austin American-Statesman

Cleveland voters approve Issue 24, boosting civilian oversight of the police department Robert Higgs, Cleveland.com

Alvin Bragg Wins, Becoming First Black DA in Manhattan Jonah E. Bromwich, New York Times

Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner wins second term, easily defeats GOP challenger Chris Brennan, Philadelphia Inquirer

Philadelphia to become first major US city to ban minor traffic stops to promote equity, curb ‘negative interactions’ with police John Bacon, USA Today

Police killings won’t be reduced with a ‘shoot to incapacitate’ policy Frank Figliuzzi, MSNBC

Boosted by the pandemic, ‘constitutional sheriffs’ are a political force Kimberly Kindy, Washington Post

California police departments push back against vaccine mandates Justin Ray, Los Angeles Times

A judge blocks Chicago from enforcing its vaccine mandate for police officers. Mitch Smith, New York Times

US prisons face staff shortages as officers quit amid COVID Keri Blakinger, Jamiles Lartey, Beth Schwartzapfel, Michael R. Sisak, and Christie Thompson, AP News

Former Rikers Island Detainees File Class Action Lawsuit Against New York City Over ‘Horrific’ Conditions CBS New York

De Blasio’s Order to Delay Solitary Confinement Reforms Over Rikers Chaos Slammed Reuven Blau, The City

Unacceptable conditions at DC jail lead to plan to transfer about 400 inmates, officials say Spencer S. Hsu and Paul Duggan, Washington Post

Prison systems adding body-worn cameras to security plans Courthouse News Service

The Color of Justice: Racial and Ethnic Disparity in State Prisons Ashley Nellis, The Sentencing Project

This Woman Served 11 Years in Prison on a Marijuana Charge. She’s Been Sent Back Over a Clerical Error. Billy Binion, Reason

Review: The documentary ‘Attica’ will rattle and upset you. And it should Roxana Hadadi, Los Angeles Times

‘Our generation’s Emmett Till’: what happened to Kendrick Johnson? David Smith, The Guardian

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