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America’s gun culture is priming us for authoritarianism Ruth Ben-Ghiat, Washington Post

Can You Ban Yourself From Buying Guns? The Trace

If you shoot someone, you’ll probably get away with it Rilyn Eischens and Deena Winter, Minnesota Reformer

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The Supreme Court Is to Blame for Racist Policing Dahlia Lithwick, Slate

To Rein In Abuse by the Police, Lawmakers Must Do What the Supreme Court Will Not Barry Friedman and Maria Ponomarenko, New York Times

Ahmaud Arbery’s killing in Georgia puts an unusually bright spotlight on prosecutor accountability Hannah Knowles and Mark Berman, Washington Post

It’s Time to End Murder by Spreadsheet Alvin Bragg and Zephyr Teachout, The Nation

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Oklahoma death row inmate convulsed, vomited during lethal injection, witness says, as state resumes executions Jaclyn Peiser, Washington Post

Outcry after Oklahoma prisoner vomits and convulses during execution Ed Pilkington, The Guardian

Why Doesn’t Texas Execute People Anymore? Michael Hall, Texas Monthly

Utah County commissioners vote to support ending the death penalty Jessica Miller, Salt Lake Tribune

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